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Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak – Things You Didn’t Know!
The coronavirus menace has reached India. The viral infection became an epidemic in December 2019 as it spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan to most parts of the globe. And for quite some time, India had been able to evade this disease. But eventually, our luck ran out.

The coronavirus case count is increasing steadily with new cases being reported every day. Now, more than ever, it is important for people to form a clear idea of the coronavirus disease. Only when we are armed with knowledge can we save ourselves and prevent further escalation of this health emergency.


1) Corona virus is a kind of respiratory tract infection and it highly contagious and communicable disease.
2) It hates sunlight however it can survive upto 26C TO 28C FOR 12 hours in metal as well in any other solid surface.   
3) More vulnerable : old age people , patient on dialysis, asthma, diabetes and immuno compromised patients.
4) It can transmit to human body predominantly through Nose, Mouth and Eyes.
5) SINCE ingestion it continues to stay in the throat (naso-pharynx , oro-pharynx) till 4-6 days.
6) After 4-6 days it will start travelling into wind-pipe and affects the lungs causing pneumonia.


1) Fever with head ache
2) Dry cough   
3) Sore throat
4) Pain while swallowing food
5) Chest discomfort
6) Difficulty in breathing
7) Body pain
8) Mild running nose and mild to moderate abdominal discomfort with diarrhoea.


Do not panic. You might be suffering from common cold.

1) Isolate yourself.
2) AVOID sneezing, coughing in front of others even if it is a common cold
3) Hydrate your body : Any infection can make you dehydrated, consume plenty of warm water. Never let your throat go dry.
4) By sipping warm water, the micro-organism will be taken to stomach where it will be destroyed by our digestive acids (it is highly recommended).
5) Gargle your throat often with any oral anti-septic solution or simple warm water with salt.
6) Antipyretics will bring down your fever, headache and body pain.
7) Consume easily digestible food.
8) After 5th day you can feel the improvements in your body. IF so please continue the same till you completely recover.
9) Still if you feel discomfort and if you are not able to withhold your breath for atleast 10 seconds, it indicates your lungs is infected, immediately seek advice from your Medical physician.


1) Strictly avoid gathering at any circumstances.
2) Never touch any objects in public places especially lift buttons, escalator rail, bus or train hand grips etc..
3) Avoid unnecessary contact of your fingers to your mouth, nose and eyes.
4) Wash your hands frequently with liquid soap in running water.
5) Boost your immunity by taking health food.


1) Don’t panic
2) Stay indoor
3) Frequently wash your hands
4) Avoid sneezing and coughing in front of others
5) Maintain your personal hygiene